Friday, August 19, 2011


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As I thought about what I wanted to share, it started me thinking about how quickly the years pass.  This year marks a milestone, as both my children will be in high school!   The last few days of school left me torn as I realised I too was 'graduating' from 12 years of involvement with the elementary school.  It was bittersweet leaving that last day.  Being the procrastinator that I am, I was finishing up some tumblers to give to my son's teachers.  I dropped by the school with them and had the chance to say goodbye.  Tumblers made a nice personalized gift for the teachers, unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of them, so I can't share.

When I got my cutter, I had no idea how often it would come into play for school things.  From school projects, to teachers gifts, to school council displays, to relay for life decals, to posters for the play, to decorations for graduation, having a cutter has, and will continue to be a great tool for school.

My first school related project I want to share is a large project (for me, lol) I undertook for graduation.  I wanted to create a banner that would serve the school for many years to come.  Using the graduation graphics that Dana shared,  and Greenstar vinyl, I tackled a 3' x 6' banner.  The school colours are green, black and white.  In addition to those, I also used some silver to give a little extra contrast.

 I volunteered to help with graduations decorating, and somehow ended up the one in charge!  Yikes!  Thankfully, I had four other moms who really gave their all to help pull it all together.   In addition to the banner, if you look around the wall of the stage area, you can see the many silver stars and grades that I cut out of vinyl.

My son looked quite handsome all dressed up!  The tuxedo jacket is his father's from our wedding day back in 1993!  Although it's a bit roomy, our son is quickly filling his dad's shoes and is now looking me eye to eye. 

School doesn't resume here until the Tuesday after Labour day.  It should be an interesting year with brother and sister back together again!

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I hope you enjoyed my post.    Jeannette
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  1. It is amazing but sad when our children start High School. They are growing and maturing and you so want them to still need you. But love the added freedom of them growing. I feel for you honest. I remember the day very well.

  2. Wow, that was a great job on the banner. The whole place looked great! Enjoy these high school years as college is just around the corner!

  3. That banner is AWESOME! Enjoy those teenage years! You will look back and laugh...really, you will!

  4. Oh my Jeannette that banner is amazing! I made it through five kids and now I am starting all over. This is great inspiration for Kindergarten graduation and so forth! Thanks!!!!

    KathyB from the BC USA forum

  5. Thanks ladies. It's going to be interesting this year. I also teach (usually a couple days a week) at the high school. I have to say, I love being there for assembly days when Jaz is involved in the music.
    Kathy, I designed the banner so they could easily remove the year and grade so that it could be used for the kindergarten class as well as the grade 8s.

  6. love the pic of daughter and son! how funny it reminds me of the video thriller....

  7. I LOVE how your banner turned out! Your school is very lucky to have you to do all this stuff for them!